Monday, October 10, 2016

Hello Everyone!

People have been asking me long-term coaching options. I initially resisted it because I felt that if the people were still energized about being coached at the end of month, they would simply sign up for another 30-days. Then I saw how simpler it would be to have a 3-month option—WITH price incentives, as well!

Here are my new coaching agreements:

$65 for a single 60-minute coaching sessions (with free email follow-up).

$250 for Four Weeks (which includes four powerful, 60-minute conversations and phone/email assistance).

$750 for Three Months (which includes twelve powerful, 60-minute conversations and phone/email assistance).

Let's get started. Your awesome new life is there for the seeing!


Wednesday, June 29, 2016


True life coaching is dynamic, insightful, and even revelatory. I am there not to be your friend, but your advocate. Whatever goals, dreams, or aspirations you have, I will help you to fulfill them.

And if you want a calmer, richer, and more enthusiastic life, that's doable, also.

Presently, there are two life coaching agreements:

$125 for a single, 60-minute coaching session (with free email follow-up).

$550 for Four Weeks (which includes 4 powerful, 60-minute conversations, email assignments, and brief phone assistance).


* Motivation

* Creativity

* Life Purpose

* Self-Knowledge

* Personal Transformation


+ Increased Income

+ Increased Motivation

+ Increased Energy and Enthusiasm 

+ Clarity of Purpose

COACHING CAN BE DONE: Face-to-face, Phone, Skype, or by E-mail

One additional point: My coaching is not for the tender hearted. There are no games, exercises, or get-acquainted sessions. We hit the ground running to get you the life that you want. So be prepared for this!

All compensation is paid before the first consultation or coaching session. And it is non-refutable.

If you would like to work together, feel free to email me at:


"Pure genius." — Shamash Alidina, Twickenham, UK


"I love working with Rodney Stevens. It's not all about goals with him. He points out things that make a difference in your life that day!"  — Mary Williams, Columbia, South Carolina


"If I could afford it, I would work with Rodney every single week of the year. His conversations are that insightful! Heather B.

"Intensive and eye-opening...I look forward to our weekly conversations together." -- Kim, Durham, North Carolina   


"I'm having the time of my life. I've never been so productive!"  — Gray Hamilton